Wednesday, September 1, 2010

DIY: Vinyl Wall Clock

Hi, my friends. My DIY this month is one for the kiddos. Start back-to-school season with a new learning "tool" in their rooms (disguised as a fun, colorful clock, of course).

Here's what you'll need:
Assorted vinyl sheets
Transfer tape
Clock movement set
Something to cut vinyl*
A wall (what's a wall clock without a wall, after all?)
*I used my Cricut to cut the numbers. If you don't have a vinyl-cutting device, you can actually just draw, trace, or stencil the numbers on the back of the vinyl sheets and cut them out with tiny scissors. If you want more information on this method, simply drop me a line.

Let's get started:
1.  After you gather up all your supplies, simply cut numbers from different colors of vinyl. My numbers are roughly 2.75" tall. I used varying widths and fonts...but do whatever you want.
2.  Cover each number with transfer tape so they're ready to stick to the wall.
3.  Mark the spot on the wall where you will mount your clock hands.
4.  Measure 6" (horizontally and vertically) on either side of the mounting spot and make a mark:

5.  Loosely adhere the 12, 6, 3 and 9 where you made those marks. Don't press the transfer tape all the               way down in case you need to re-adjust your spacing:

6.  Fill in the rest of the numbers. Again, don't press them all the way down yet:
7.  Adjust your spacing, then press the numbers down. Scrape across them with the edge of a credit card to make sure they're on nice and tight.

8.  Remove the transfer tape.
9.  Cut a circle to "hide" the clock movement.

10.  Attach the clock hands and battery to the movement.
11.  Mount the hands on the wall (I used command adhesive strips).

Step back and admire your work. Pretty great, huh?
As always, feel free to email me with questions or comments.


KM said...

So incredible!!! I love it! :) I giggled when I saw that last pic with the adorable little kitchen... I remember the photo of you putting it together just before Christmas many moons ago.

Angela Alvin said...

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