Monday, August 30, 2010

Come on In

Come on in and stay a while. 
Take a peek inside my home over at Sweetie Pie Pumpkin Noodle today.

And tomorrow I'll be back with some up-close details of my favorite things around the house.


Down and Out Chic said...

i loved taking a peek into your home. it's cozy, colorful and charming (i wasn't trying for an alliteration there). anyway, just lovely!

Wahzat Gayle said...

Love the pillows on the couch soo much :) Sweet.
Thanks for the invite into your home very nice

Cherry Blossoms said...

Adorable! So jealous that you live in the bay area. There is a chance that my husband could transfer out there for his job but we shall see what comes our way in the upcoming year or so.