Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Making Whoopie

My girl Em and I decided to throw a little girls' night over the weekend of the Fourth. We're in charge of our 20-year reunion, so this will likely become a tradition for the next eight or so years. Em's mom was gracious enough to host the party in their beautiful back yard. The party was complete with cafe lights strung in the trees, gorgeous flowers and paper lanterns hung from the umbrella. My contribution: the sweets. We snacked on mini cupcakes, candied popcorn, cookies and mini whoopie pies while we caught up on the happenings of the last year. 

I've adapted many of the recpies from this book to suit my needs (and my taste buds) but it's a great starting point, and offers plenty of inspiration. Speaking of, I've got a fresh batch of banana whoopies downstairs begging for some frosting. :)

{Sorry for my lack of pictures, but don't fret--I'm doing the mini whoopies for my brother's wedding next month...there'll be plenty more whoopie action to come}


katherinemarie said...

Just the name WOOPIE makes me SMILE!!!!!!!

Wahzat Gayle said...

woohoo that looks like fun and along th lines of what I want to have for my fortieth in a few weeks :D yes I am that old LOL
hope you are having a great week!