Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Is it cliche to say that I LOVE these Love Pears? I think they would look so great on my mantle.

Love is a funny word. People (me, in particular) throw it around with reckless abandon.
I do love things (cupcakes, shoes, and books, for example). But I've realized that the intangible things I love give me the most satisfaction in life. And with that said, here's a list:

Things I Love:
  • Chubby baby fingers
  • Cooking with B late at night and making each other laugh
  • Listening to H try to sound out words
  • Being married to my best, best friend
  • Craft time with H
  • Holding a sleeping baby
  • Watching weird indie movies with B after the kids are asleep
What do you love today?

(And if anybody's in a gift-giving mood. I wasn't kidding about my affection for those pears.)


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Down and Out Chic said...

i love the feel of my dogs noses (wet and smushy) and i love homecooked meals that b makes. i'm about to go home to one and i can't wait!

Emily said...

Those are lovely pears! My heart has been extra full the last few days, as Connor giggles at the littlest things. Em