Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dirty Laundry

If my family's way of showing me they love me is equal to the amount of dirty clothing that ends up in my laundry room, I must say that these people reeeeally love me. I've never seen so much love in my life. Either that, or they're trying to kill me, one stinky sock at a time.

Regardless of their motivation, I've got a whole herd of mismatched socks running amok here. I leave them out hoping to find their mates in the next batch. Only to find them stuffed in a random drawer when someone is "helping" me clean up. Or they're launched as missiles during a sock war. You get the point. These little buggers are tough to control. And they're multiplying like rabbits. Enter the missing sock bucket. I need this thing. It clearly states the purpose as to why they're not put away, and they can mingle amongst themselves while I search for their sole mate. Get it, "sole" mate. I'm hilarious, I know.

from inklore

It's genius. So if I'm neither seen nor heard from for a few days, consider sending a rescue party into the laundry room. I'll be buried under a pile of onesies, t-shirts, jeans and dirty socks.

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Emily said...

I have a few loads waiting for me as well. At least I can catch up on the biggest loser while I fold..... Love, Em