Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Preschool Awards

I believe there are angels here on earth. They're in the shape of preschool teachers. After being the "classroom mom" yesterday and witnessing the amazing, positive, wonderful woman that is Miss L, there's only one word to describe her: angelic. I think that any person who willingly teaches children in the 3-5 year age range (and enjoys it!) should be guaranteed a special place in heaven.

I definitely don't have the patience or grace to deal with a dozen preschoolers at once. But I do have a list of items that make handling my one preschooler much, much easier. So with no further delays, I'd like to give a shiny gold star to the following:

Any soap that makes kids want to wash their hands is well worth every penny.
This stuff has magic color-changing beads that make the soap change colors after you've scrubbed long enough. And it smells yummy, too.
P.S. It's available at Target.

I can rest easy knowing that if nature comes a-callin' while he's away at preschool, he'll be able to make a quick, easy pit stop with elastic-waist pants. No buttons or zippers to stress out about, and much more stylish than his old grey sweatpants.

Great quiet time activity; and he feels so good about himself when he does it all by himself. Our current favorite is the Solar System Puzzle.

For that mid-afternoon energy low, I always keep these on hand. They actually taste pretty good, and they're packed with nutritious things to give him the extra boost he needs. Plus, they're the perfect in-the-purse snack: compact, individually wrapped, and more crumble-resistant than goldfish crackers.

It seems a little backwards that we have to buy our kid a book to get him excited about a movie. But H is a little fearful of the movies (too loud, too scary, too dark, etc.) But this book has made it into our nightly bedtime rotation. It took some convincing, and a big bag of popcorn, but Hudson made it through the whole movie. If you haven't seen it yet, we all enjoyed the movie. It makes for a perfect family weekend activity.

So, what are your secrets? I'm always looking to expand my arsenal. Have a great Tuesday.


Jackie said...

I'm with you on the elastic pants! I find it so hard to find jeans with an elastic waist, have you had any luck with that? How is your son liking preschool? My daughter seems to be acting out a lot more at home these days and I wonder if it has to do with starting school? I swear it's always something!

down and out chic said...

LOVE the book cloudy with a chance of meatballs. such a classic!