Thursday, August 6, 2009

Real People. Real Clothes.

I've quickly become obsessed with the new (to me) phenomenon known as Joining lookbook is by invite only. I highly doubt I'll score an invitation with the grey t-shirt and worn maternity jeans I hastily threw on this morning in order to avoid an awkward pajama situation with the locksmith. But at least I'll have one less thing to feel guilty about neglecting: between Twitter, Facebook, and my blog I don't know how I get anything "real" done in a day. Good thing I don't have an invite to lookbook, or I'd have to squeeze in time each day to: A) come up with a brilliant outfit, and B) set up an incredible photo of me wearing said brilliant outfit. Thinking about it is exhausting enough.

Even though I don't have it in me, I'm sure glad all these people do. It's fun for me to see how real people all over the world look fabulous all the time. Makes me feel a little frumpy--not to mention a tad bit voyeuristic, but it's fun to take a peek at beautiful people I don't even know. Here are a few of my recent favorites.

All photos via Click on individual photos and you'll be whisked away to the original source. :)


down and out chic said...

another site to get addicted to!

Anne @ The City Sage said...

I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! How do these 'regular girls' manage to look so smashing?

And I know what you mean about getting anything 'real' done in the day. my productivity is practically zilch lately!

Rachel Follett said...

I have recently become obsessed with this site as well. So many fashionable people out there!

Kotori said...

I'm with you... too much pressure! Isn't it enough that I shower (ok, well, sometimes get to shower) and have on clothes that match?

Kristin said...

Love that first look. That skirt is so fab!