Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fun for the Little Ones

I just discovered yuumii. It's a fun place where you're given weekly "adventures" and learning activities. It's geared for kids ages 1-5 and their parents/caregivers. An added bonus: it's the perfect distraction for when the older siblings go back to school. The younger ones can feel cool too, since they have "homework" and special assignments. Plus, you'll enjoy some structured one-on-one time where you don't have to think up the activities. They're handed right to you in a convenient weekly email.

Now we're off to try our first adventure--homemade ice cream! I have a feeling H is gonna like this. :)


Katherine Marie! said...

ohhhhh this sounds like just my kinda place!!!

I'm going to check it out...

Sure would love to see some of that beautiful baby bump of yours. :):) Care to share with the world? Or maybe just me... heheheheh... I hope you are feeling energetic and healthy as the big day QUICKLY approaches. :):)

Erin said...

thanks! I just signed up. What a great idea!