Monday, August 3, 2009

August Inspiration

Today being my first blog post of the new month, I figured we'd start out with an inspiration board to get the month off to a pretty start. August invariably makes me think of peaches. My mom would buy a huge box of local peaches every year, and we'd eat a bowl of fresh peaches for breakfast every morning. And being that school started in August, fresh peaches always remind me of the start of school year.

Anyway, besides the peaches...these colors have been inspiring me a lot lately. Now I'm off in search of fresh, local peaches.

Images: Tamarind & Thyme; Sam Judson; urban legend; vsc83; Just Peachy; pictures & pancakes; Click Flash Photos; Omnomicon; OAK.


Kotori said...

I love peaches! What a great association you have with them too, such a sweet memory.

I just made a fabulous grilled peach & habanero (I used jalapeno) salsa to put on grilled chicken or pork. So good! It's in this month's cooking light. If you like peaches, you should definitely give it a try!

Dallas Shaw said...

just bought that umbrella- it's it amazing. added more to that sale hope you enjoy!

Rachel Follett said...

This is gorgeous! You are really good at these. I love the orange with the navy blue!

Miss | A said...

We ate peaches last night. I love eating fruits in season.

Blair said...

Ohh---so lovely! Definitely a perfect August inspiration board!