Thursday, July 9, 2009

How To: Make an Outdoor Wreath

As I see it, there are two types of moms: the wreath type and the no-wreath type. My mom falls into the wreath category. In recent years, I've become her principal wreath-maker. Just in case you or your mom need a custom wreath to hang outside the home, here are some tips:

Step 1: Go flower shopping. Steer clear of any cheap-looking and/or plastic-finish flowers. Definitely not pretty. And pick up plenty of greens to cover the base.
Step 2: Gather your materials: hot glue gun, extra glue, wire cutters, wire, grapevine wreath base, and the cold beverage of your choice. Oh, and if you're working on a table you really care about, I recommend covering it with newspaper before you begin.
Step 3: Start filling in the wreath form with greens. Don't be too picky with this part...just put some hot glue on the end and jam them into the base any which way. I promise, it's not worth stressing over.
Step 4: Cut the flower stems off (all except for 2-3"). I like to stick them in first without glue to make sure my placement looks good. Also, try to avoid creating a repeating pattern; it looks like you tried too hard. After you're happy with the location of the flowers, glue them into place.
Step 5: Fill in any bare spots with extra greenery.
Step 6: I like to throw in some berry sprigs or other little bits for extra dimension. The little sugar-covered berries are always a good choice.
Step 7: Hang the wreath (you may need to attach some wire to the back), sit back and smile as friends and neighbors tell your mom how fab her new wreath looks.

Finally, a tip: when working with hot glue, try to keep your fingers out of the way. If (and when) the molten adhesive touches your bare skin, try to keep all cursing to a whisper so as to not teach the child in the room any bad habits.


Blair said...

Oh what a great how-to! My mom is the no wreath type but I definitley would love to make one for myself!

Chelsea said...

I'm so glad you posted this today! I was just out looking for flowers for wreaths a few hours ago. I couldn't decide what colors and such- so I didn't end up getting any! So I appreciate the directions on how to make them (I was just going to wing it)

Kotori said...

Just did some hot gluing myself yesterday with Jack and was fairly successful at keeping the cursing under my breath... fairly. :)

Emily said...

I am a wreath Mom... Am I too young to be a wreath Mom? Love, Em

christina said...

Emily, you're not too young to be a wreath-mom. I'm pretty sure I'm one too...I've just never made one for myself. I always come back from home on a little bit of wreath-burnout. Maybe I'll attempt a fall version for myself.