Monday, July 20, 2009

Family Rooms

As I dig myself out of this mess, I can't help but dream of how things will look once the boxes are gone and everything is put away. For now I've focused my dreaming on the family room; I dug through my family room file for a little inspiration. So here are some family rooms for you to enjoy while I continue unpacking.

So cozy and inviting. One thing nearing the top of my must-buy list: more seating.
photo from House Beautiful

Built-in shelves and clean lines. So pretty.
Photo from House Beautiful

I'm positively swooning over that large, rustic armoire. It's gorgeous.
photo from House Beautiful

I've always been drawn to greens and blues. Here they're used in perfect moderation.
Photo from House Beautiful

These last two rooms are probably the most "me." I adore the yellow cart, but I don't understand the purpose of having the TV behind the seating area.
photo from Country Living

What a fun way to display your flea market finds...without making your room look too antique-y.

photo from Country Living

Hope you have a great Monday. And thanks for all your encouragement with the moving process. So far everything has gone better than I could have imagined. xo.


down and out chic said...

love that yellow cart/coffee table. so smart and very cute.

Kotori said...

How fun is that yellow cart? Ok, just read Christina's comment and noticed that she said the same!! ha too funny

Can't wait to see how your's is turning out!

A French Cloud said...

congrats on the new home! what fun and memories you'll be able to create-enjoy!