Monday, June 1, 2009

A Room for Two

Over the weekend, we found out that little "Bubble" is, in fact, a girl! Obviously, we're all really excited. A boy and a couldn't be more perfect!

But now, my head is swirling with where, exactly, the two kids will sleep. Option 1: The kids share a room. Since we'll only be here a maximum of three more years, it's entirely feasible. Option 2: Baby Sister inherits the part of the loft now used as a playroom. There are pros and cons to both; but for now H is certain that he wants to share a room with Baby Sister. I'm pretty sure that Baby Sister will sleep in a bassinet for a few months, so I've got plenty of time to figure out how they can share a room, and how I can decorate it appropriately.

Both of these examples caught my eye, because of the simplicity, and the way they accommodate both a brother and a sister. At this point, I'm considering an anchor colors of lime green and white. H's part of the room would have navy accents and Baby Sister's part with pink accents. Not sure how that will look together...that's just kind of the first thing to mind at this point.

But then again, part of me craves the clean simplicity of white...I think something along these lines would be so easy to adapt while the kids are sharing a room. With such simple decor, how would you make it look "finished?"

What do you think? If you had a boy and a girl sharing a room, how would you decorate?

{Photos from Parents and Cookie}


Rachel said...

I don't have kids yet, but my sister is actually having a girl in Oct, and she and big brother will share a room. She's picked two constant colors that will flow throughout the room and then a pop of color for each child (blush pink and muted teal) for their "side" of the room. She's keeping the bedding and furniture very basic (white) too. Good lucK!!

Miss Aimee said...

the 2nd one FOR SURE! frame their artwork over their beds. so cute!!!! i love it. My little one has that set up but instead of white lots of pink and the beds are used all the time by siblings sleeping in her room. fun!

ms. less is always more said...

My boy is almost 5 and my girl is almost 2 and we have actually thought of moving their rooms together in the future because I think they would like it so much! I would go with brown... brown and pink for the little girl and brown and blue for the boy. Just my idea! But the second set-up is so darling - love those head-boards!

down and out chic said...

oh wow, this is tricky. love the idea of clean white with different headboards. yay for having a girl, i'm so excited for you!

Jackie said...

Aww, a little girl-congrats! You are going to have so much fun with her. I like the idea of a simple room with white furniture like you have pictured.

Katherine Marie! said...

That's sooooo exciting!!!!!!!! Whooo hooo a GIRL. AMAZING! What an absolute blessing. Now you have someone to do all your girly things with. I'm really thrilled for you. :):)

And the great thing--- you don't have to worry about sleeping arrangements just yet. You've got plenty of time.

Are you going to do a post about your birth announcements... now that you know it's a girl---I bet you've been thinking about it. :)

And I do like the twin beds side by side--- that's sweet. I still don't know what I'm going to do about sleeping arrangements for Blaise and he is 7 months.


Kotori said...

Congratulations!! A girl! So excited for you!

I love that 2nd one... the idea of crisp white with pops of color to suit each one sounds perfect. I love those headboards, and how easy to make one of your own?! How sweet that H is excited to share his room... love that.

I do like Jill's idea too of the brown and accent with pink and blue...

Madeline said...

AH! That is so exciting! I love the lime green idea with the accents! So Cute!