Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Just a few things I can't stop thinking about lately:

This pillow may just have to find its way onto my couch.
It reminds me of this piece that Nichole just added to her office.

I'm a total sucker for number prints. This one is no exception.

These handmade votive holders are so delicate and pretty.
Wouldn't they be amazing for a bridal shower?

Anne introduced me to this etsy vendor a while back.
I desperately need one of these rings.

And just in time for Father's Day, isn't this typeface just too cute?


down and out chic said...

i'll take the ring please!!!

Amy said...

I'll take the ring too! Oh - and the pillow!

Anne @ The City Sage said...

He he, that tie typeface is adorable! The number print too--I can't wait til I have little ones and I can have awesome prints in their rooms!

and thanks for the link love on the ring---they're so sweet and super affordable--and they're adjustable for swollen pregnant fingers! you should SO go for it!

Rachel Follett said...

I saw that artwork of that first but I didn't know it was a pillow too! I love it!

Kotori said...

I think we're both suckers for those number prints... that one is fabulous!

Yeah Hello said...

Thanks for the ring love, everyone :)