Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Is it July yet?

The 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. Mainly because it's a huge deal in my hometown. And in the last few years, it's the only guaranteed holiday we get to spend with my side of the family. So I'm looking for a few new (simple) ways to make our celebration even more spectacular this year. Of course, Martha was my first stop. I think H and I will try both of these projects in the next couple days.

Drink Parasols

So what are you doing to make your holiday extra-special this year?

Photos and craft ideas via Martha Stewart.


down and out chic said...

i have two days off for the 4th! that extra special for me.

off switch said...

friday night in aurora, il they'll be shooting off fireworks at my old high school - which just happens to be about a block away from my house!

three cheers for fireworks i can watch from the front lawn!!!

have a great holiday christina! ;)

Blair said...

Oh, those drink parasols are adorable! I am not quite sure what I will be doing special this year--guess I better figure that out:)

Rachel Follett said...

Love your fourth of July inspiration! I am couting down as well.

Dallas Shaw said...

ugh- I was too busy to have really celebrated like I wanted to! just returned today. maybe I'll cook today?