Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Great Colors

I did some tags a while back for an old co-worker of mine. Erica was the visual merchandising manager at the store where I worked. She has and incredible eye for detail and color; not to mention the fact that she came to the rescue numerous times when I had to do an event with a minuscule budget. I was beyond delighted when Erica asked me to be even the tiniest part of her big day. I figure it's OK now to share the photos of the tags, since the wedding was last weekend. Erica was working with 10 different colors; all the colors of her flowers. I can't wait to see how everything turned out. This may just be the brightest, happiest wedding I've ever come across.

Not sure where I was focusing in this bottom photo, but the tags read: "Bubble blowing is encouraged throughout the evening." Is that not the cutest idea ever? I can just imagine such a joy-filled evening with bubbles everywhere. Erica is such a happy person, and I think her wedding reflects her personality so well. She's promised to send over some pictures after the honeymoon, so stay tuned for more fun wedding stuff from Erica.

What were your wedding colors, or what colors do you want for your wedding?
{My wedding was all shades of pink...kind of girly. Thanks, B, for living through that!}


Blair said...

Oh, those are adorable!!!

I'm Julia said...

Love them! Had to be a fun event :-)

down and out chic said...

these are great and i'd love to see pictures of the wedding.