Friday, March 6, 2009

Clean Up Your Act (or at least your desk)

I re-discovered this photo and article on decor8 earlier this week, and it's inspired me to de-clutter and revamp my workspace. Everyone's office can use a little perk-up every once in a while. Mine is still suffering from holiday projects gone wrong and way too many piles of "miscellaneous" waiting to be dealt with. I love how crisp and clean this room is, and I love the bursts of bright color.

Here are a few more things keeping me motivated at the moment:

I definitely need a cute lamp. This might not make the final cut, but I think it's pretty darn cute.

I must have this garbage can. It's completely perfect.

Document Clothespins, from See Jane Work
I think a whole row of these in white would be fun to use as an inspiration board, of sorts.

So far, it's been slow going because I've got a trusty little helper with a big imagination. His helpful antics include but are not limited to (and keep in mind, this is just yesterday): constructing a masking tape "spiderweb" around my desk and chair; scattering my entire order of bubble mailers and using them as "leaves" for his "caterpilars" (which were actually bowling pins); and finally, pouring out a whole bottle of water on the carpet. When asked to explain this final maneuveur, he said, "Mom, I'm gardening. You water the flowers and they grow up and up and up. See!"

At least I'm aware that making my space truly me is an ongoing process. For now, I'll just tackle the decluttering and all those miscellaneous piles. At any rate, my workspace will never be boring as long as there are sticky spiderwebs, sleeping caterpillars, and flowers growing out of the carpet.
What's on your workspace wishlist?


Kotori said...

I have a "helper" like that too! Can't wait to see how your workspace turns out.

Have a wonderful weekend!

anonymously chic said...

oh my goodness, those lamps are great (exactly what i'm looking for!)