Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tried + True: Featuring Miss Aimee from Mostly Mod

It is my absolute pleasure to introduce the latest guest blogger in my Tried + True series: the beautiful Miss Aimee from Mostly Mod. Her blog is one of my morning must-reads; it's such a fun peek into her creative life. It's full of great recipes, beautiful photos, fun projects and love for her family--inspiring in every possible way. I feel so honored that Miss Aimee would spend some time with us here today!
See, she's too cute! OK, now I'll shut up and give you Miss Aimee:

First let me start by saying I cracked up when sweet Christina asked me to participate in her Tried+True Series because I am as low maintenance as they get and I am not sure you will gain anything inspiring from this post....but I will give it a go!

(1) Let me start by saying Vaseline plays a huge part in my everyday. I use the Vaseline lip gloss all the time. I keep one in my car, one in my bag, one in my bathroom. I never have dry lips because I am always sure to have Vaseline on. I also use the Vaseline Aloe Fresh hydrating lotion to dab my occasional adult acne that in my late 30's I am finding it to be more common. But the aloe lotion really help my skin heal faster. And a total life saver is straight up Vaseline in the tube or jar(I keep those everywhere too)! I am always applying it generously under and around my eyes....under make up, over make up...all the time because I have noticed it helps with not getting wrinkles. Forget the expensive eye creams-all you need is Vaseline! Now that is a GREAT tip!

(2) I wash my face with sensitive skin Dove soap twice a day. In the past I have been sucked in to Estee Lauder or expensive treatments, and my face has broken out or been oily or dry so I always go back to Dove. And My face is soft and feels clean. Simple I know!

(3) For hair products I am a sucker for anything Toni and Guy, shampoo, conditioner...and The Bed Head Stick is a MUST have! I am known for my bandannas. I always put on a dew rag when I am not working or don't have time to do my hair. Again, with three kids this is pretty common.

(4) I use the Clinique face powder, eye liners, lip liners, touch tint for eyes...I love their products(not to heavy and affordable)

(5) My scent these days is CHILD. I love it.

(6) For mascara, I am grocery store mascara buyer. Whatever(same for lipsticks and glosses). I am using the Revlon Lash Fantasy now with the primer side and love it! Lipsticks, I just buy them at the grocery store all the time, always brown tones on the light side...natural.

(7) Sleep: huge beauty secret. I never get sleep. One day, one day!

Thank you, Miss Aimee. You are a true beauty--inside and out. I love these recommendations...especially the Vaseline for eye cream. I've been using it for years, and I love it. It's especially perfect for my sensitive skin. Every other eye cream I've tried burns, but Vaseline does the trick! I've tried and loved most of these products; but some are new to me. Today, I'm on a search to catch a whiff of that fragrance, and I'll also be looking for that that ever-elusive sleep. If Bryce comes home to find me napping mid-day, I'll just refer him to you, Miss Aimee. :)


Miss Aimee said...

what fun that was. hee hee

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the lovely Miss Aimee--she is a beauty, isn't she? And reading her top picks is proof that a simple routine really is the most effective!

Thanks guys for a fun interview!

nichole said...

SO adorable! I love that photo, and enjoyed reading about her picks very much.

Design Lovely said...

I love that her picks are very realistic and affordable! It can be so hard to decide what to choose when you have so many selections. Thanks Miss Aimee!

Joslyn said...

and it's totally not fair that she basically uses dove and vaseline and is totally beautiful!

Kotori said...

Loved the beauty tips - I think the Vaseline must really work well because Miss Aimee looks fabulous!

Jackie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your comment made me chuckle. Don't you just love Miss Aimee, she is such a great gal. I love a simple beauty routine-definitely going to try Vaseline around the eyes now!