Friday, February 13, 2009


There's nothing really on my mind today--which is a refreshing change. So while I'm at a loss for words, here are some pretty photos for you to enjoy:

{Red Flower, from LokiMuje}

The Cherry Tree, from `Gwarf

{all photos via deviantART}

Oh, how I wish I could take beautiful photos!

Have a Happy Friday!


Miss Aimee said...

so pretty! great images. ok- i saved my what you want with it :)

Kotori said...

Love that last image - that cherry tree is stunning!

Hope you have a great Valentine's weekend - what did you decide about dessert? I almost always plan my meals around whatever I'm serving for dessert!! :) That's the kind of cook I am! ha

Blair said...

Oh, that last image is amazing! Make me long for spring. I hope you are your family have a wonderful weekend!

Design Lovely said...

That magnolia photo is stunning. Have a great Valentines Day!