Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow Queens & Sugar Plums

Christmas just wouldn't be complete without visions of dancing Sugar Plums. Tonight, my kind husband and I will be sitting in the audience of the San Francisco Ballet's version of the Nutcracker. Unlike most of the other adults in the audience, we won't be toting any tutu-clad toddlers with us. Funny, I know, but Hudson just wasn't interested.

Definitely my favorite scene last year was that of the Snow Queen. It was breathtaking. I can't wait to see it again. Pardon me for getting nostalgic here, but I actually participated in several productions of the Nutcracker myself. It was just the local, hometown ballet studio version; but it was still fun. I usually played the Sugar Plum Fairy, or the Snow Queen (perhaps that's why I'm partial).

And thanks to my loving husband for humoring me with a date night--my style; especially when he has much more important things to be doing. And another thanks to the wonderful grandparents who are so thoughtful and always so willing to babysit. Two years in a row...I sense we may just be starting a tradition here.

{photo from here}


Miss Aimee said...

I am thinking that date nights are really important! We try our best to do it weekly but if we get one date in a month that is still great! We have learned date nights can be just as good after the kids go to bed at hoem with romantic dinners late night...or once my husband set up a massage table in our backyard with teaky torches and music and gave me a massage. I mean wow right?! Oh...and I love the Nutcracker! You will have a blast!!

Blair said...

Oh that sounds like so much fun and a great perdition to start! Have fun!

citysage said...

LOVE the SF ballet's nutcracker. My mom always used to take me when I was little and I wish were staying in the city this year so I could see if for the first time as a grown up! Oh well...I've been listening to the music non stop since Thanksgiving so that'll have to do for now :)

Mrs.French said...

oh my dear I am so jealous...magical...xo t