Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm Back

Did you even notice I was gone?
I wasn't really gone for too long...and I most certainly didn't mean to leave you hanging. Life just got a little hectic for a moment, but now things are back to normal. Well, as "normal" as it gets around here.

Part of the reason for my absence, and for my sucky blogging last week, was that I was busy preparing for the ReadyMade Winter Ball. {I got this picture from Orin Optiglot's flickr, but it actually shows me right in the center as I was taking down my table.} It was so much fun doing my first "real" show, and I actually did pretty well. I worked so hard the week leading up to the show, that my little workshop turned into more of a sweatshop...but I've got tons of new stuff that will be appearing in the shop throughout the week.
My other random observation about the show: I decided that doing shows is like the adult version of a lemonade stand. And I was definitely a lemonade stand kind of kid.

The day after Winter Ball, my parents rolled into town with some wonderful new dining room furniture for us. It's perfect, and chunky, and totally casual. I've even got room to store my china now. I feel like a real adult all of a sudden. Besides the great stuff they brought, it was just fun to have my parents around. It's just what a girl needs to recharge her batteries. I'm lucky enough that my parents just so happen to be two of my best friends. We had a great time, and naturally, our weekend went way too fast.

So today I'm shipping out all the orders that were placed last week. (I'm sorry they're so late...but I'm including free gifts to make up for the delay!) And I'm filling all the Christmas card orders that have come my way. In addition, I've got tons of fun new kids activites and gift ideas to share with you this week. So stick around...I'm just getting back into the swing of things.

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Orin said...

Cool! I'm glad you used my photo; it always pleases me when other people get to enjoy them as much as I do. I think I took another picture of you while trying to get a shot of your Christmas decorations, which I didn't end up uploading. Here's a copy of that picture.

Oh, and I wouldn't worry if your personal sweatshop doesn't ship out items fast enough. My fiancĂ©e's also a blogging craftsperson and she runs into the same problem. People want handmade because it's handmade, and it only makes you more of a real person. Plus—who doesn't like free gifts?