Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fall Party

Two things: 1. I love fall. 2. I love to throw parties. So what better way to combine the two than to throw a Fall Party? OK, so I'm not really throwing a fall party, but I wish I were. And if this theoretical party were to take place, it would be a pretty casual affair. I would decorate abundantly with pretty fall leaves, gourds, and probably even a fall tree decal in my dining room. Guests would arrive wearing their cozy sweaters. They would sip hot cider and eat freshly roasted pine nuts while sitting around the fireplace. Dinner would be a buffet of different soups, breads, and salads; followed by a dessert of apple crisp and ice cream. As guests left, they would receive these cute notecards as a gift.

If you want to throw Fall Party of your own, here are my sources:
The Invitation
Tree Card, from little paper bird
{The inspiration for my party. I obviously can't get over this card from littlepaperbird}

At the Table
PopMat Placemats, by Publique Living, from Velocity
Twig Coasters, from Martha Stewart

On the Menu
Heirloom Tomato Soup, from Vegan Visitor
Poolish Focaccia, from Vegan Yum Yum
Apple Crisp, from Minimally Invasive
{all food photos via Tastespotting}

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