Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh Canada

Some of my most loyal blog readers and shop customers are in Canada. So to thank my Canadian supporters, I'd like to share some of my favorite Canadian products with you:

I am completely smitten with everything from Lush. I'm especially obsessed with both the Fair Trade Foot Lotion and the Rehab Shampoo right now. Seriously, these two items have worked miracles for my summer-toughened, rhino-esque feet and my brittle, over-processed hair. I know, way too much information...but it's true. And if it's not enough that their products smell fantastic, and work like a dream, they have core beliefs you can feel good about too. See their website to find shop locations and to browse the entire collection.

Next, is one of my all-time favorite artists. Hillarie Tasche. I've blathered on about Hillarie's work previously. You all ready know of my fondness for her charming artwork. There's not a single piece of hers that I don't absolutely love. If you like this bike print, stop by her shop for more.

Now let me introduce you to a Canadian jewelry maker I hearted long ago. Christine Bijoux first captured my attention with this necklace. I've been searching for some chic everyday earrings, and I think I just found them in her Nadine Earrings (above). Love them. Come to think of it, one of my favorite Canadians is named's fate. Anyway, Christine now has a second shop set up where she offers samples of her previous collections at discount prices. Get them while they last!

And what would a Canada-themed post be without my favorite Canadian snack food? A dear friend introduced me to Old Dutch Dill Pickle Chips some time ago...and the rest is delicious history.

So with that, I'd like to give a big hug to my Canadian friends who have given support to both my blog and my shop. You're the best!!! And if you happen to send some dill pickle chips my way, it wouldn't hurt my feelings.

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