Friday, September 26, 2008


As I'm about to "close up shop" here on my blog for the weekend, I've got a few wandering thoughts I might as well throw out. My week has been kind of a whirlwind of activities, emotions, frustrations, and stress. It helps me to write it all down, so I can clear my head. Feel free to skim this entry, or skip over it won't hurt my feelings.
  • Since my family blog is no longer private, I don't feel there's any purpose to "disguising" My Boy's or Daddy's names any longer...since you could easily find them if you wanted to know. My Boy is named Hudson, and Daddy is Bryce. Just thought I'd let you know so you're not confused when I start throwing all these names around.
  • I realize I do this thing where I try to not act overly excited about anything. It all stems back from middle school when it was cool to be totally chill about everything. Now, I'm starting to think that that intentional suppression of my excitement comes across as bitterness or apathy. I'll have to work on that.
  • I've been irritated over a plumbing situation at our house. The upstairs shower has been leaking down into the kitchen below. Gross. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon.
  • I started the long road of fertility treatments yesterday. It really opened my eyes as to the long road ahead. I'm sure the next few months will be filled with all sorts of tests, treatments, and probably mood swings from yours truly. I always knew it, but yesterday was a wake up call that I need to take better care of myself (namely, diet and exercise). As for the whole infertility thing...I always knew it was likely that I'd need a bit of intervention to have kids, In fact, I was very surprised when Hudson joined our family so easily. I'm not upset at all about the current situation I find myself in. I just don't want to hide from it. It's a part of my life. If you know me at all, you know that I'm really not a private person. That's how I want my blog to be. Just an accurate reflection of the real me...all the unpleasant and uncomfortable stuff too. Hopefully all this fertility talk won't scare you away from my blog. I promise not to dwell on it, but it will likely come up again in the future.
  • And with the "real" me comes religion. I'm LDS (Mormon). Have been for my entire life. At first, I was aiming to keep my blog religiously neutral, so everyone would feel welcome here. And I hope everyone will continue to feel welcome here. My religion seeps into all aspects of my life, so it's really hard to keep things separate. If you have questions about my religion or my beliefs, please feel free to email me, or check out the official Church Site.
  • Now here's the thing I'm insanely nervous about for the week: Bryce and I are the speakers at a Stake Fireside on Sunday. We did a little casual fireside a while back, addressing issues of technology and communication. My part is actually really's kind of like texting etiquette and communicating effectively through technology. I guess our first attempt went pretty well, because we were invited to do the same thing again; but on a much larger scale. Our fireside is in two days, and I'm seriously freaking out. I am not a good public speaker...I get so nervous, and my voice gets all hoarse. I get flustered and embarrassed; hopefully I can keep it together long enough to get my message across. Hopefully I can somehow approach this the same way I did the fashion presentations I used to do with my friend Camilla...I never got nervous for those.
  • Bryce has another work-related BBQ on Sunday afternoon. I always look forward to these things, but I'm also nervous about it. I always feel so awkward around the hospital crowd.
  • One more thing: Did you watch The Office last night? Wasn't Jim's proposal to Pam the cutest thing ever? Sigh.

So that's about it. If you're still reading now, I'm impressed. Thanks for sticking it out. Now that I've got all these ramblings out of my head, maybe I can concentrate on my talk for Sunday. You can bet that's what we'll be doing all weekend.

Ugh. I'm a little grossed out that I just took up all that space talking about myself. Don't worry, I won't make a habit of it. Have a nice weekend...and keep your fingers crossed that I make it through my talk without passing out!


Hilary said...

Christina, reading that was so refreshing. I love honesty. I love when people are open*. I love how you inspire me. Love it.

*Except for when I haven't watched the office yet online, and a certain secret is revealed...still love you though...and now I'm REALLY excited to see it!

christina said...

Oh Crap! Hilary, I'm SO sorry.

Jennie said...

Good luck with all the fertility stuff! I will be thinking about you. And I thought Jim's proposal was fantastic too.

Memmott Family said...

I love this post. Best wishes to your upcoming dr's appointments. Hope it all goes well, and that baby #2 will join you easily! We will keep you in our prayers too! Good luck on Sunday you will do great

Shanana said...

I had no idea that fertility was an issue. Good luck with all the treatments and all that that entails.

BTW... LOVED the Office ending!