Thursday, September 25, 2008


Here's a tribute to my latest obession...the amazing hummingbirds who like to visit my patio. I can't stop watching them. I'm so glad my next door neighbor has great flowers that attract the lovely little creatures. Here are some great hummingbird items I found on Etsy:

1. Made to Order Hummingbird Bowl , by Circa Ceramics
2. Aqua Blue Hummingbird Rectangle Pillow, by joom
3. Hummingbird Notecard Set, by designhutusa
4. Hummingbird with Blue Circle Trees Print, by jaimers
5. Hummingbird Garden Print, by treetop studio
6. Flight of the Hummingbirds III, by EA Sawyer
7. Hummingbird Tote Bag, by Deadworry
8. Hummingbird Return Addres Labels, by Krystan
9. Sawed Hummingbirds Bracelet, by Brand New Etsy seller bandada

I think I'm going to find a cute hummingbird feeder today, to lure the little beauties onto my patio so I can watch them closer. Have a great Thursday.

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