Wednesday, September 10, 2008

And, We're Off!

I get to see my little brother today. It's been much, much too long.

My brother has been living in the Philippines for a couple years. He flies from Manila to Taiwan then to LA, then to Salt Lake City. This afternoon, The Boy and I are flying to LA to surprise my brother. After a little sneaky detective work, we found out what seat he was assigned on the flight home. So we booked tickets in the seats right next to his! I'm so excited that My Boy and his uncle will have a chance to be reacquainted. My Boy was only 8 months old when my brother left. And my brother is one of my best friends in the entire world. I'm so glad that my parents devised such a spectacular plan for us to surprise him! So with that, we're off for a weekend of celebration and family fun in my hometown. I'll be back on Monday.

{Don't worry, I've got plenty of fun posts to keep you entertained while I'm keep checking back daily for new stuff!}


Addi said...

Ooo...I got chills. What a perfect surprise!

Jennie said...

I LOVE sneaky surprises like this! Awesome, awesome. What a great memory!