Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend Highlights

Residency has been treating Daddy (and us) pretty well so far. Daddy lucked out and got the "easy" rotation first. We know it's not going to last much longer, so we're trying to soak it up while we can by enjoying our weekends together. This one was a pretty laid-back weekend. My favorite.
Here are my weekend highlights:

Friday: After The Boy was tucked snugly in bed, Daddy and I watched a bunch of Mad Men episodes. I love this show!

Saturday: After a few minor bike repairs, we set out for our weekly bike ride at the lake. We only made it six miles this week...and it seemed like the majority of those miles were uphill. We're working our way up to do the whole 13 mile loop. (We're really not whimps...this trail has some pretty steep hills.) And Daddy has a bit of disadvantage with a 35 pound weight on the back of his bike in the form of a Little Boy.

Sunday: Pasta night! We broke out the pasta wheel and whipped up a batch of fresh ravioli with tomato cream sauce. It was our best batch yet! We still need to make a few small adjustments for next time. There's really nothing better than homemade pasta.

I hope you all had a great weekend, too.
{Mad Men photo from AMC; Lake photo from EBParks}

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cardsbykatie said...

I actually watched last nights episode of Mad Men - and since it's about the only one I have watched, I was completely confused!

Such sad lives they lead, aren't they?