Friday, August 29, 2008

Back to School

Do, Ponder, File Folders, $8.99

As we've been out and around this week, I can't help but smile when I see all the kids out walking to and from school. I grew up spending a lot of time in my parents' office supply store. A new school year meant a fresh batch of school supplies. My dad would take us down to the store after it had closed, and then we would pick out all the stuff we needed for school.

The beginning of a new school year was a clean slate for me...fresh, clean notebooks; finding the perfect mechanical pencil, or other rad items (i.e. Trapper Keeper). {Oops, is my age showing?} The beginning of a new school year also meant new clothes and a major hairstyle change for me...but that's a whole post in itself. Maybe if you're lucky I'll bring picture back in a couple weeks after I visit my parents.

Since we don't have anyone going back to school at our house this year, I'm using this new school year as an excuse to get my office organized. Knock Knock has just the supplies that will help get me motivated. Here are some of my favorites:

Task Clips {Do, File, Send, Read}, $9.00

Whenever Sticky Notes {Today, Soon, Someday, Now, Later, Never}$15.50

Inner-Voices Magnets, $1100. Now you can "say" all those things you're secretly thinking!

And for those of you who are going back to college, you definitely need this Roommate FYI Checklist. Check out Knock Knock for more fun, sassy supplies that will make your office an organized and fun place to be.


Emily said...

I should just email you, but this seems easier. I am going to be in Richfield soon, when are you going home...? 6-9th Sept. Zach is doing a rotation at the UofU for all of September. By the way, I was always jealous of your fancy school supplies. Love, Emily

Susie said...

I love these pads as well! I've been looking at the humor in these things for a couple years now. I wish I had thought of it, ya know?
Our back to school this year was easy. A high schooler now. OY!
I have to go read about your popcorn now. mmm