Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer List Updates

Today's the first day of summer vacation. I'm actually feeling good about summer this year. This is the first June in a couple years that we're not doing a long-distance move; staying in one place feels awesome. I've got a couple tricks up my sleeve to keep the kids learning and having fun, as well as preserving my sanity. A couple of these tricks are new, and some are tried-and-true traditions.

One of those traditions is attempting to complete all the activities on both of the Summer Lists I wrote. The first list is from way back in 2011, and the second one is from 2012; my kids ask me to print them out every summer. We all still enjoy doing the activities on the lists. And that makes me happy.

Something that doesn't make me happy, though, is that horrible font I used on that first summer list. Just terrible. In my defense, 2011 was the year the vintage typewriter look had a special place in my heart. It's truly only acceptable when used in (very) small doses. And I just splashed it all over the place--just thinking about the lack of restraint makes me cringe.

Another thing that makes me cringe? The way I used to deliver my printable files to you guys. I misplaced one of my files recently, and went to get it from the link I shared with you years ago. It was a nightmare trying to get to it. Not good.

To make up for the ugly font and the ridiculous printable run-around, I've given that first list a makeover. The content is still the same. It just looks better. I've outfitted it with a snazzy new color way, as well added a black and white option so you can print on colored paper like I did up above. I've tossed all those summer lists into my dropbox of printable files, which is much more user-friendly. The second list is still the same (as it's not currently offending my aesthetic sensibilities). But maybe one of these years I'll get sick of it…you never know.

I'll be back soon with some of the other summer fun we're cooking up around here. Of course, everything is very last minute. Really, though, would you expect anything different from me?

Here's an easy link to my new, improved printable files:

Summer List 1 (color)
Summer List 1 (b/w)

Summer List 2 (color)
Summer List 2 (b/w)

And Happy Summer Vacation!


Nora said...

Thanks for sharing this great list. May I ask where you bought the rainbow jump rope? Thanks. :)

christina said...

Hi Nora! One of my kids made the jump rope. Last summer at our farmer's market, there was a stand raising funds for a children's charity; and you got to make your own jump rope. I bet if you search online, you could find all the parts to make your own. :)

Or if you live locally, the Pioneer Park Farmer's Market opens this Saturday. Hopefully the jump ropes will be back!