Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dream Home

My mom called me about a week ago to tell me that she and my dad had just toured my dream home during the Utah Valley Parade of Homes. I snooped around online until I found the Four Chairs Furniture facebook page. I sat spellbound, pouring over photo after photo of perfection. It's like they'd torn pages from my inspiration file and made them into a home. Beachy, comfortable, fresh, colorful and fun...needless to say this entire home may actually replace my entire inspiration file. 

I immediately contacted the designer, the incredible Lindy Allen of Four Chairs Furniture and Cristi, the homeowner (who is also one of the photographers at hiya papaya) to request permission to share these photos with you. And guess what? They were both super duper nice. I just love nice people. The best part is that Erin over at House of Turquoise just finished an in-depth five day home tour, complete with links to many of the sources and materials...even paint colors. So take a peek here, then hop over to Erin's posts for even more information.
Love this chandelier so much I had a dream about it last night.
A quick note: Four Chairs did all furniture and design, they supplied all wood flooring, wallpaper and furniture, including bedding and accessories and light fixtures. So if you have any questions about how you can get your hands on some of these gorgeous pieces, hop over to Four Chairs. They've updated their website with an easy email request button, so you can request pricing for items featured in each room of this home.  

OK, now I'll shut up and let you look at the home.

The main floor:

Don't you love the reclaimed barn wood floor?

The kitchen:
Turquoise subway tiles? Check. Apron-front sink? Check. White cabinets? Check. 
My dream kitchen in real life.

And I really love seeing countertops made from something other than granite.

Wallpapered ceiling, mismatched chairs, Roman shades. Love, love, love.

The mudroom:
Aren't the textures of the brick floor and the barn wood walls fantastic?

Now we move upstairs. 
The Playroom:

The nursery:

Another bathroom:
This bathroom was actually the first picture I saw of the home, and I knew the second I saw this bathroom that I was going to love the rest of the house. 

Family Room:
The ceiling fans and the end tables are two of my favorite features in this room.

Upstairs Hallway:

The Master Suite:
I still can't get over that yellow sliding door. Genius.

Master Bath:

The Craft Room:
As my parents were touring the home, they kept saying, "All this needs is a craft room." Then they walked upstairs and Bam! A craft room. 

I'm dying over the turquoise pool table.


The little retro kitchenette is right off of the theater room. I've always wanted one of those retro turquoise refrigerators. This makes me want it even more.

Theater Room:

 I hope you had as much fun admiring Jeff and Cristi's home as I did. I'm sure I'll revisit these pictures over and over again.

A little more source information for you:
Builder: Hatfield Homes (Jeff, Cristi's husband, also helped with a lot of the architectural design)
Interiors: Four Chairs Furniture
Photography: Hiya Papaya

Not only is Cristi the proud new owner of a gorgeous home, and a talented photographer. She also has a darling etsy shop where she sells her recycled accessories and her fine art photography. Stop in and show her some love.

And Four Chairs Furniture is located in Lindon, UT for those of you who are close enough to visit. I definitely know where I'll be going the minute I step off the plane next time I'm in Utah.

I'm so sad I didn't get to see the home in person, although I probably would have been hyperventilating the whole time. A huge thanks to Cristi & Jeff for sharing your home, to Lindy for being so generous with your talent and your sources, and to Hiya Papaya for your gorgeous photos!

*All photos copyright Hiya Papaya. Used by permission.


Lauren said...

Wow this house really is perfect!!!

Samual said...

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Chelsea said...

So darling! Can I move in too??? I will just live downstairs and use the retro refrigerator.

Katie said...

I saw them featured on house of turquoise and thought the same thing! Practically perfect!!!!

Sheri said...

We should be best friends. I LOVE THIS HOUSE! I am going to put every picture on my pinterest board!

Cherry Blossoms said...

LOVE it! Is it wrong that I am so jealous of their house?!

As Seen On TV Life said...

Wow, that was my dream house.. It looks perfect, the interior design was great and very modern house.

Mike and Jen said...

Funny how my house suddenly feels very simple and dull...I love this house too! Great discovery - perfect inspiration.

PhotoPuddle said...

What an awesome house! I reckon I could live there quite happily!!

Rachel said...

I can't believe this house is in Utah. I love the beachy theme without having seashells everywhere. I will second your love for the front door and the yellow sliding door. I think when we finally get our own place, I will need your help with decorating.