Thursday, January 30, 2014

What to Expect: The Outtakes

We all know the much-loved book, What to Expect When You're Expecting, right? My copy of the famous pregnancy book is well-worn. It was practically glued to my hand during the entirety of my first pregnancy. Well, they've got a fabulous website, filled with everything you need to know from pregnancy to parenting and beyond. I was completely shocked when they asked me to write for their blog as part of their Word of Mom series. It's such an honor. And a little bit (a lot) intimidating. But my first post went live yesterday afternoon. It would make my day if you'd hop over and read it, and share it with your friends. Because parenting a two-year-old isn't for the faint of heart, but it does provide a lot of good writing material.

As part of my new contributor gig, I needed a current photo of me and the kids. Serious disaster. This, my friends, is precisely the reason we never have a Christmas card photo. My kids really know how to rock it in front of the camera. Especially Nolan. I should probably sign him up for a baby pageant or something. He's a natural. Enjoy:

I didn't even bother editing these photos because they're so hysterically bad it's not even worth it. I especially love that last one. Nolan has really embraced this Terrible Two's thing. 

Check out my first article here.

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Km said...

Ohhhh my heavens I adore every single one of these pictures!! Seriously love them... Love them way more than perfect-everyone-looking-at-the-camera pics anyday! Can't wait to read your article! Xo